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Occupational/Hand Therapy


We specialize in the treatment of neck/shoulder, arm, and hand pain. We provide post-surgical and non-surgical interventions for a wide range of conditions.  As we are very skilled and knowledgeable in many conditions we invite you in for an evaluation and if we do not feel that we can help you with your goals we will let you know timely.

Individualized treatment plans are created to restore the functional goals identified by the patient with the collaborative skills of our therapists. Patient’s needs are identified during the initial evaluation with an occupational profile assessment. The therapist applies the clinical implications of the condition or diagnosis and prescribes a functional strengthening goal. Treatment often includes physical agent modalities (such as Ultrasound, Electric Stimulation, Heat/Ice, Infrared Light, etc), Home Exercise programs with precise strengthening exercises, Activities of Daily Living modification/training, custom molded orthotics, Neuro-Muscular Re-education, skilled manual techniques, educational interventions to name a few procedures.

We are skilled in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), bandaging wrapping (please see our blog), and compression garment instruction for post-mastectomy and other conditions with lymphedema (RX with a lymphedema diagnosis is required-please download Rx from the “forms” section and bring to your MD/DO/PA/FNP).

We are skilled in Ergonomic/Job site and return to work programs.  We recommend equipment adaptations reducing exposure to risk factors known to cause skeletal muscle problems as skilled ergonomic consultants with a medical background and task analysis that surpasses other consultants when it comes to identifying risks to skeletal muscle systems. We achieve optimal outcomes with completion of the course of care identified by the therapist and healthy choices by the patient. Evidence-based treatments are applied when appropriate. Patients are provided with educational interventions to ensure their progress and promote healthy life choices. Patients are held accountable for their HEP and follow up with the recommendations provided to ensure desirable outcomes.

To optimize health, Occupational Therapists follow the World Health Organization’s framework to remove limitations and restore function by facilitating individuals into the roles of their life that they occupy.

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We are: Medicare; Blue Cross, Blue Shield, PPO Providers. At this time we do not accept HMO's/Worker's comp or MediCal/Covered Ca.


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